Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Are Fat Chicks Easy?

I think that all depends on how you look at it? Are fat chicks easy or is it easy for fat chicks to get some action? There are a lot of guys out there that hit on fat chicks because they think its easy sex. They're all nice and charming till they get what they want and then they pull a Houdini. They're never heard from again. Do they think that we’re fat we have no feelings?

Sadly, my experience with men has made me cynical towards relationships. All my experiences have been horrific in one way or another. They have all lied, cheated and treated me like a doormat; which has made me mistrustful of any man I meet.

Fed up with being treated like crap, I told myself I don’t have to put up with this b.s. I’ve always been good and loyal and honest with the men I’ve been with. Is it so hard to ask for the same in return?

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Where are all the real men?

The other day I was in the cafeteria in my building getting lunch. I was in line waiting to pay for it and there were two guys behind me having a conversation. I don't know whats happen that men don't sound like men anymore. These two guys had to voices of prepubescent boys who's balls haven't dropped yet. Then I heard them talking about Roscoe's (no fuckin' wonder). I have the bad misfortune of being a women surrounded by gay men everywhere I go. Even the straight guys are off sucking some guys cock somewhere. I heard that there are guys who blow each other over by the Diversey Driving Range, unbelievable!! Half out of all the guys I know have had a bi-sexual experience or have wanted me to stick stuff up their pooper. Is it because they can't last long in bed? Are women not giving them head that they had to resort to getting it from men? I live across the street from the park and my friend was out walking her dog late one night and she said saw some men soliciting other men under the Belmont tunnel. How gross!

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